Hey there! My name is Bhavuk Jain. I’m 25 and hold a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. Totally NOT interested in Electronics by any how.

I’m a full stack developer interested mostly in mobile app development using React Native.

Also an Independent Web and Mobile Security Engineer, helping to make internet a safer place for everyone.

Skill Highlights

● React Native ● Objective C, Swift 4, Node.js, PHP, MongoDB ● Auto Layout/Adaptive Layout ● Core Bluetooth ● 3D Touch (Quick Actions, Peek/Pop) ● Apple Pay (Stripe and Braintree) ● Core Location ● Core Animations/Custom Animations ● Architectures - MVC, MVVM ● External Libraries: Pubnub, Google Maps etc. ● Estimote Beacons ● AFNetworking/Alamofire ● Core Data/Database Migration ● BitBucket/Source Tree for version control ● Core Spotlight

If you would like to discuss an opportunity, connect with me on Linkedin or just ping me on Twitter @bhavukjain1.